Jamaica is a treasure trove of natural beauty secrets and medicinal folklore, and Tamieka Frazer-Lewis, manager of the Irie Baths & Spa has created the new Folkloric Treatment Collection, utilizing indigenous herbs and methods gleaned from growing up among strong, resourceful women in this beautiful island nation.


Prior to treatments at the hotel’s subterranean spa, guests can take a dip through three, ancient Roman inspired therapeutic mineral baths, each with varying temperature: the Tepidarium, Caldarium and the Frigidarium.

Lavender Escape Bath (150 minutes) - “Lavender is used around the Jamaican home to burn mostly in children’s rooms to prevent contagion if they have a cold or cough,” said Frazer-Lewis. “It’s a scent reminiscent of my childhood, and still soothes me today.” Lavender is also known for its healing and relaxing benefits, and sea salt eases muscle cramps and stiffness as well as joint and back pain. The treatment entails:

  • Deep soak in warm water infused with lavender essential oil and sea salt
  • Rub Mi Dung massage – In Jamaican Patois, Rub means a gentle touch, and this treatment is Lewis’s own version of a traditional Swedish massage, which increases oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, and improving circulation and flexibility.
  • Lavender spa pedicure
  • Served with lavender tea

English Country Bath (140 minutes) - “In Jamaican folklore, Cerasee tea was recommended to pregnant women for the health of the newborn and to ease the birthing process,” said Frazer-Lewis. Yet the sweet-smelling fragrance is also revered for its skin and muscle healing benefits. It helps to relieve arthritic pain, sinus conditions, and muscle spasms and is known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce inflammation due to allergies and helps alleviates gastrointestinal issues. The treatment entails:

  • Deep soak in the fragrance of cerasee
  • Yaadie Style Massage: Yaadie refers to persons born in Jamaica, relaying a strong deep root to the island, hence this is a traditional Deep Tissue Massage, beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.
  • Irie Bath Signature Manicure
  • Served with cerasee tea

Aromatic Lemongrass Bath (160 minutes) - “Lemongrass—also referred to as Fever Grass in Jamaica—earns its praise for its sweet, citrusy aroma. It is used in baths and tea to help combat insomnia to ease respiratory disorders,” Frazer-Lewis said. Lemongrass also sids in relief from fever, pain, swelling, and infections. The antioxidant properties help maintain the immune system, optimize cholesterol levels, manage type 2 diabetes, and promotes healthy skin. It is extensively used in aromatherapy and helps combat fatigue, anxiety, and body odor. The treatment entails:

  • Deep soak in warm lemongrass bath
  • Irie Senses massage – Eponymous with the Irie Baths, Irie is a Jamaican term to say everything is good, mellow or alright. Here, aromatherapy increases blood flow as the scent is both rejuvenating to mind and body, as well as aids skin tissue recovery, decreases pain, and promotes circulation.
  • Signature manicure and pedicure
  • Served with lemongrass tea