About Us


Finding its origins in the metamorphosis of the Spanish Court shopping center into Spanish Court Hotel in 2009, Crissa Hotels has since established itself as an iconic flagbearer of top-notch hospitality in Jamaica. There has certainly been no dearth of accolades that have steadily made their way into its repertoire, not least of which was being named the 3rd trendiest hotel in the Carribean by Tripadvisor, soon after it opened in 2010. This put the hotel on the map, as was acknowledged by the front page of the New York Times’ travel section. A testament to the long-standing commitment to its very own Real Style, Real Service mantra, was being awarded the No.1 Expedia VIP program in the Carribean, as recently as 2016. The constantly growing worldwide following only reaffirms its resolve to provide guests with nothing but the best of its service.

Not willing to rest on its laurels, Crissa Hotels set up another exemplary property in the Montego Bay - a bustling hotspot for business. The Breezes hotel on Doctors Cave was given more than a new lease of life, with a complete transformation into a truly South Beach - Jamaican Style cultural museum, that you could also sleep in. With a marvelously crafted glass wall sky pool that offers a jaw-dropping view of the Montego Bay and another cabana-style pool, the hotel epitomizes the very fabric of Jamaican luxury. The two pools that it houses have almost etched themselves permanently into the modern-day conversation about Jamaican holidays, with both of them being widely acknowledged as the best resort pools in the country.

Crissa Hotels prides itself on being Jamaican through and through, with an uncompromising commitment towards using the very best of homegrown products and services. A large part of this commitment also swerves towards the promotion of local culture, music, and the unmistakeably unique food in stylish Jamaican hotels that are situated in bustling urban centers. Make your way over to our hotels, for your dream tropical adventure beckons!