Situated in the Caribbean Sea, our beautiful island is the dream destination for anyone looking to make long-lasting memories of an enjoyable tropical holiday. With breathtaking natural beauty accentuated by waterfalls, sandy beaches, and the warm sea, the scenery will remain a visual treat for the ages! Although well-known for diversity, Jamaica is a place that stays true to its unique culture - a thriving hub of bustling activity, warm and inviting people, and the inevitable musical vibe!


Blessed with immensely beautiful, seemingly endless scenery, you will never be hard-pressed to find a place that will excite you and leave you in awe. If you prefer some solitude and peace for a fulfilling bout of relaxation, there are largely unexplored beaches which are very welcoming of long walks. If partying and mainstream tourism is more up your alley, the numerous tourist attractions and the exciting nightlife is sure to do you a world of good! With the added bonus of a never-ending lineup of local eateries, adventure activities, and even wellness therapy options, it is safe to say that no matter what you're looking for, Jamaica may just have the answer! 

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Being the place that was home to the legendary global phenomenon Bob Marley, Jamaica's reggae scene needs no introduction. A form of music that can rightly stake claim to having given birth to multiple other genres, the island truly embodies the happy and joyous vibe that the groove exudes. The language, too, makes for a large part of what defines the culture of this beautiful island. Although English, being the official language, ensures that communication is never a problem, the local dialect is an amalgamation of several other languages and popular phrases. Make your way over to Jamaica now for a holistic experience of varied lifestyles, languages, food, and music coming together in seamless harmony!

When you visit Jamaica, be sure to book your stay at Crissa Hotels! With beautifully designed properties located in Kingston and Montego Bay, we constantly strive to give you an experience that is truly Jamaican. A unique blend of world-class luxury and traditional hospitality is sure to make your visit to our beautiful country one that you will remember for a long time!